Monday, November 14, 2011

Idlar, Crazy Two Hander.

So, to point to the title, I'll be starting a character in about a month that will be posted and posted until he dies. As if he dies, the blog update ends. Idlar, The Crazy Two Hander, is a Nord with some problems using swords. He either has a Warhammer or a Greatsword in his hand. He's a rebel. So I'll be starting him as my second character once I get the hang of Skyrim.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hello readers. Some have you have stumbled upon my blog. Either by link or random occurrences. (Or the website So the title, is really about me having a nerdgasm about Skyrim. From the leaks to the long ass wait, it's been a grand adventure. 8 days. 8 days. So anyways to clarify why I'm doing this I'm just a regular 15 year old gamer. One of the weird shut ins that has a beautiful girlfriend. Who is behind me currently. So anyways, about me, I'm a Fallout, TES, and Battlefield player. Not so much of the latter but of course it's worth mentioning. I'm a sophomore in High school. My dream is to become a game designer. Of course that's every gamers dream. If I can't get that, I'll become a doctor. Or a accountant. I'm a baseball player. Pitcher mostly and My fastest average pitch is 95 MPH. I live in Springfield, Missouri. That's about it. Oh and I write stories. I'm going to write a book and try to get it published soon.

Another Update,

Hello everyone, this is Undead. I'm back with another update. So after leaving some of you behind for three days, I'm back. So recent stuff, I almost watched the twenty minute leak of the start of Skyrim. Watched three seconds before I left the site. Find a website that plays movies for free. Watched Hangover part two. Again. Might visit that again later on tonight. Playing some Fallout New Vegas on Xbox 360. So 4 days left until Skyrim comes out at midnight. Battlefield 3 sucked to me. so that game is going to be traded in to pay off Saint's Row The Third. After seeing GTA 5 trailer, I'm happy that Rockstar has decided to return to San Andreas. (I know a game tester for Ea who knows people who work for Rockstar.) Not officially confirmed but it will be in about a year. That's my latest update. Time for me to return to the grave as John Marston is coming to kick my ass.